Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Illustration Friday: Brave

Lions are brave.


  1. nice lion! Love your style!

  2. Illustration style is very good !!

  3. isn't it a giraffe with wig? Anyway I like it a lot. I'd put it on my wall to make me smile during dealing with my homework. See you later.

  4. Super cute! He looks brave and confident, too! Smug even? I like how you created the line work for his mane.

  5. hi q
    listen up
    today morning just before my first class which was reading right after the usual morning praying routine while our mistress were reading out a story as always, now of a poor child I drew from memory by heart your fluffy giraffelike lion. I mean didn't have much time to finish therefore mine is more like lioness but guess what they could be kinda excellent match, love match maybe who knows, right? Anyway thank you very much hope you'll like it and it might even make you and probably mister curly smile. I'm about to email the drawing to you. then go to sleep. see you later.
    love LiLi